SQM's actual corporate identity is the result of a historic process. Through the years the company had to re-invent itself once and again to successfully meet the changing demands from its markets and customers. This development had many faces, of which the characteristics were embodied in the successive logotypes that today tell the story of SQM.

SQM The Worldwide Business Formula

SQM is committed to the development of the business of our customers by offering formulas containing, in addition to quality products and expert advice, a real deep interest for the growth of the industry.

Our identity reflects the evolution of the company over its four-decade history, positioning itself today as a transparent and sustainable company, a leader in its five lines of business, committed to technology development in order to deliver effective solutions that meet market demands worldwide.

SQM, through its global presence, now stands not only as a supplier but as a partner in the business strategy of its clients.

This business formula, which is based upon the high quality products and services that SQM provides and which is targeted at meeting the needs of every customer among the 350.000 customers worldwide, is powered by its new warranty seal: "The Element Q".

The Element Q

It is The Warranty Seal of SQM business formulas.

The Element Q is the SQM unique warrany seal that, as part of the business formulas developed by our company (brands), will produce rapid growth in the business of our customers worldwide.

The main function of The Element Q is to provide extra power to SQM business formulas (products and services brands), and contribute to the cohesion of the global image of the company, and as such, is a fundamental part of our Global Qonsistency.

The SQM different creative applications should always speak of the same. The Worldwide Business Formula - Powered by The Element Q.

The nineties: Soquimich

Soquimich's growth accelerated, product lines were expanded, new production processes were discovered and applied, and the plants were modernised. Thus a new era of expansion was born, during which Soquimich no longer only focused on agriculture but also started integrating industrial products that were successfully commercialised and significantly contributed to the sales figure.

Soquimich thus rapidly acquired an important market share, which led the foundations for the development and establishment of the four business areas, which are still: fertilizers, iodine, lithium and industrial chemicals.

This period, characterised by a constant drive to produce at low cost and to improve the production processes, reached its peak at the end of the nineties. Soquimich had then increased its product range on so many levels, that it became necessary to focus on a new task: to differentiate, to create added value and to communicate its competitive advantages to its consumers.

The origins: Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile S.A.

The ear of wheat crossing the central letter Q in the logotype clearly indicated the company's orientation towards agriculture and in particular towards extensive crops, such as wheat, oat and barley.

The company's most important product was sodium nitrate, which competed with commodities. There was no market for more sophisticated products, as they were targeted towards smaller producers, who focused on achieving high production outputs at low cost, rather than offering products with an important added value.

But the company's goal was clear in its logotype. The ear of wheat was born at the bottom of the letter Q, from where it grew beyond its contours, thus dominating the entire logotype. The perfect metaphor for the mission of the Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile: expanding business in agriculture, to produce better fruits and to harvest success.

During the eighties a real metamorphosis took place: the company started investing in the production of potassium nitrate, a natural fertilizer that was rapidly and successfully positioned in the market, and later on embarked upon the production of iodine. Thus, SQM expanded its target market, in which the main competitor -the commodities- remained present but with a systematically decreasing market share.