Over the past year, the company has continued its efforts to provide new and better opportunities for growth and development to hundreds of children, young people and adults from different towns in the regions of Tarapacá and Antofagasta.

Through support for the implementation of training courses and programmes, SQM looks to promote the talents and skills of participants enabling them to better meet their educational and professional challenges.

SQM has renewed its commitment to education with the firm belief that education plays an important role in the country’s development as the main route to social wellbeing. Among these initiatives are noted for their contribution the support of the Color Esperanza Foundation, which works with children suffering from the Down Syndrome and the mathematics programme with Corporación Crea+, which has been implemented in schools in San Pedro de Atacama and in María Elena and Pozo Almonte, benefitting 211 students and 13 teachers.

Similarly, for the fifth consecutive year, SQM has financed psycho-pedagogical programmes for strengthening student learning processes in the community of San Pedro de Atacama, besides conducting the implementation of workshops and recreational activities at Escuela de Toconao in collaboration with nuns from the Patmos de Toconao Convent.

With the participation of the "Pampino" writer, Hernan Rivera Letelier, SQM has developed literary workshops in the communities around its operations, with the main objective of practical and experiential approach to literature by the students of primary and secondary schools in the communities of San Pedro de Atacama, Tocopilla, Maria Elena and Pozo Almonte.

• Literary Workshops with Hernán Rivera Letelier,
Liceo Los Cóndores, Alto Hospicio
/ Región de Tarapacá

“The Oasis en el Desierto School in Colonia Agrícola de Pintados was founded in 1998, and SQM has sponsored it since 2007. The school currently has 56 elementary students attending pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Grades 7 and 8 were added in 2012 thanks to a joint effort”.


Tales of the Pampa

The Contest "Tales of the Pampa" which is organized by SQM together with El Mercurio de Antofagasta is a concrete way to rescue, preserve and disseminate the saltpetre legacy through the narrative. This competition seeks to encourage creative writing around a lifestyle, a culture, a part of Chile's history to be maintained and disseminated. As of 2011, 3 books have been published with 18 winning stories from previous versions of this competition, which can be read here below: