• San Pedro Church / San Pedro de Atacama
Theater / Maria Elena

This line of work is related to SQM’s origins and is a reflection of the company’s commitment to preserving and disseminating the legacy and heritage of the nitrates industry.

Under this approach, some of the most important initiatives include the participation of SQM in the Nitrates Museum Foundation and the Chacabuco Foundation merging their efforts to preserve the legacy of the nitrate business in the Tarapacá and Antofagasta Regions. Our company also supports the Huanchaca Ruins Foundation. Its contributions to these institutions cover a portion of their operating expenses and provide support for research, conservation and restoration projects such as opening the former Chacabuco nitrates office for public viewing.

SQM is also committed to the recovery and enhancement of Maria Elena, developing a programme of restoration and beautification of heritage elements of this “saltpetre town”.

SQM prepares thorough records of pre-Hispanic and historical remains found near mining areas as part of the environmental studies conducted prior to the launch of new projects and implements preventative measures to protect them, especially near María Elena, Nueva Victoria and Pampa Blanca.

The company has developed several initiatives to preserve both tangible and intangible nitrate industry heritage, as its support to events organized by the Hijos del Salitre Foundation in the Tarapacá Region, including “Nitrates Week,” a series of events held in November including poetry readings and musical performances, food sampling, literary workshops and tours of the Santiago Humberstone and Santa Laura offices. Each year, pampa residents make a pilgrimage to nitrate office cemeteries on the 1st of November to remember their deceased relatives. Last year, the company provided support for the laying of hundreds of tin flower wreaths crafted in workshops funded by SQM as part of an effort to revive traditional arts.

• Tin flower workshop / San Miguel Arcangel Holiday, Quillagua