Being the client its focus, quality management has become an essential subject for the company: the proper and due delivery of its products and the achievement of an operational excellence, in pursuit of high productivity and efficiency standards, are subjects that achieve new importance today due to the corporate promise of the company.

This has resulted in a sustained growth of five years for SQM, during which it has doubled its sales reaching almost US$ 1,000 millions. Such growth will allow the company to invest in order to improve its productive capacity during the next three years, which will increase its participation in markets to respond to the strong and increasing demand for its products.

The company also makes permanent efforts to favour the quality of its products: it pursuits a continuous improvement in manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes; it is concerned about meeting the requirements provided by international regulations for the products it commercialises and it makes sure that all laboratories of SQM have duly validated analytical methodologies, both physical and chemical, to keep an adequate control of its finished products. The development and implementation of a Management Quality System has been an essential instrument for the progress in this matter.

A proof of such progress, is the certification under the ISO 9001:2000 standard, which has been implemented by SQM in the lithium carbonate plant and its iodine plants in Nueva Victoria and Pedro de Valdivia.

But today, SQM wants to go further. It aims at a goal that transcends the simple delivery of quality products: it expects to furnish the need of its customers with appropriate business formulae, based on the knowledge and wide experience of the company. More than excellent products, SQM wants to offer them a full service, based on its real and deep interest in the growth of their businesses, which today is its new reason to exist.