• Chaxa Lagoon, Atacama Salar / Región de Antofagasta

Since the company operates in the Atacama Desert, water is an indispensable resource in its production processes and must be used rationally.

In view of this and in accordance with its Sustainable Development Policy, SQM abides by applicable regulations in using all water rights held by the company. SQM periodically informs authorities of the water consumption in its production processes and considers new ways to utilize water more efficiently by evaluating each facility’s water management indicators on a yearly basis.

The implemented measures include reincorporating all water treated in SQM sewage treatment plants into its production processes. Water extracted for production undergoes a thorough prior analysis to prevent damage to vegetation, flora and fauna in aquifers and surface water sources where the company has water rights.

The company’s extensive hydro-geological modelling is designed, validated and tested under the supervision of national and international experts. The results are used to conduct ongoing monitoring of expected behaviour.