SQM has approved specially equipped storage and disposal sites for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, as well as temporary storage sites at all of its worksites to responsibly manage its solid and liquid waste. The company applies authorized hazardous waste management plans at all of its facilities. Each of these plans requires the use of authorized transport and recipients to treat and dispose of all types of waste. Compliance with these plans is verified using ongoing internal environmental audits, which are intended to guarantee proper waste handling from generation to final disposal.

Close to 50% of hazardous waste generated by the company was reutilized using an external company that uses it as alternative fuel. Employees play a key role in properly handling and classifying waste, which is why the company makes a considerable effort to train them how to classify and segregate waste, and how to properly dispose of waste in designated facilities that the company provides to ensure appropriate management of hazardous waste.

SQM possesses authorized water treatment plants at all of its industrial and camp accommodation facilities in order to handle domestic liquid waste. Effluents emitted from these plants comply with applicable regulations and are reutilized in production processes or, in the case of Antofagasta and Tocopilla, are disposed of in the public sewer system and, therefore, no dumping occurs. The treatment plants are maintained and monitored by specialized service providers.

The company uses management programmes and authorized disposal sites at our facilities and camp accommodations for solid domestic waste or contracts out services to dispose of this waste in authorized landfills.