SQM is committed to the sustainable development of its own business by integrating within its work, the care and respect of people working in its facilities, the environment, the community and the future development, in this regard the company is committed to:

• Comply with legislation and regulations applicable to its activities, products and services in addition to commitments voluntarily acquired, including the standards that are defined internally.

• Develop and implement on a timely basis, prevention plans and control measures in order to minimize the risk of injury and damage to the health of our employees and those of service companies, contractors and subcontractors, promoting the active involvement of all workers on issues related to risk prevention.

• Minimize the environmental impacts that our activities could cause on the environment through the early incorporation of the environmental factor when designing our operations, and thus prevent and implement control and mitigation measures avoiding pollution through proper management of waste and emissions.

• Promote the responsible and efficient use of natural resources and production supplies according to standards and best practices, both domestic and international on these subjects.
• Deliver to our customers, quality products that meet the standards engaged, grant attention and service to ensure a long-term relationship and of mutual benefit.

• Maintain a good neighbour relationship and participate in the development of communities nearby our operations by supporting projects and activities in order to improve the life quality of those communities, emphasizing education, culture and environmental protection.

• Maintain open and ongoing communication with our employees, contractors, customers, shareholders, neighbours, and authorities, reporting on our performance on a regular basis.

• Promote continuous improvement of our performance on issues related to safety, health, environment, quality and relationship with the community.

• Instruct, train and evaluate our employees and staff of companies that provide services to us, as active and participative agents on the effective implementation of this policy throughout all the company's work.