• SQM Workers, Northern Chile

The company provides more than 10.000 jobs in Chile and the world, including company personnel and contractors, where women represent 12,5% of SQM’s workforce in Chile. This percentage is well above mining industry averages in our country, which hover around 7,3%, according to figures provided by the National Geological and Mining Service.

Our female employees hold a variety of positions such as laboratory analyst, heavy machinery operator, administrative assistant, manager and plant supervisor. This is the result of the open, non-discriminatory recruiting policy set out in the company’s Code of Ethics.

Relationship with Employees

Our policy for labour matters is focused on maintaining fluid relations and a sense of collaboration with trade unions. This has enabled us to engage in negotiations and dialogue in a context of mutual understanding, establishing the foundations for relationships based on trust and inclusivity.

We offer growth opportunities and propose professional challenges to people working in the company in accordance with their competence and merit. We support people to develop their full potential and to have trajectories increasingly richer in knowledge and experience. Our employees have technical degrees, professional degrees and post degrees, and a remarkable number of doctor degrees who make up our team and constantly fuel our company with innovation.

Professional Development

"In 2012, 82% of SQM’s personnel in Chile participated in training programs. Our training initiatives reached 4,368 employees and involved 114,998 training hours."

SQM provides ongoing training for its employees. This includes offering them technical and educational opportunities for their personal and professional growth. The company’s development is dependent on the contributions of a team of individuals who are highly committed to its productivity.